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Municipal Court

Municipal Court services such as speeding tickets, moving violations, DUI, registration violations, property violations, city court tickets.

We make the legal process less confusing and intimidating for our clients after a criminal arrest for a:

  • DUI / DWI
  • Domestic violence
  • Possession
  • Theft
  • Juvenile crime
  • Traffic violations
  • A conviction on felony or misdemeanor charges can result in harsh punishments and follow you for the rest of your life. You do not have to subject yourself to this kind of dismal future — a jail or prison term, heavy fines, a criminal record, separation from family, damage to your reputation and strict probation or parole conditions upon your release. You must protect your rights by contacting an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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Whatever the reason you come to The Epstein Law Firm, our main objective is to obtain the best results for our clients, while always remaining cognizant of your individual needs and desires.

We have extensive experience in the courtroom, and although many cases settle out of court, we always prepare each case to go before a judge or jury, which is the only way to achieve the best possible outcome for our client. Whether you are protecting your rights as a property owner, or you are a business owner in need of an experienced problem-solver, we can help. For more information about our areas of practice, or to schedule a consultation with an attorney, contact The Epstein Law Firm today.